Eco Warriors

We are reducing our carbon foot print.  Help us by reducing yours!

Turn the heating off when you’re not at home. Consume less, and re-use old products.
Fit energy saving light bulbs. Choose food produce close to your home.
Install insulation in your roof. Don’t leave your TV on standby.
Take a holiday closer to home. Turn off all lights when not needed.
Walk or take public transport to local places. Do your weekly shopping in one trip
A hybrid or other fuel-efficient emits less carbon dioxide Fill your kettle with only as much water as you need.
.Turn down your central heating by 1 or 2degrees (reducing your heating bill by 8%). Recycle your grey water by using it to water your flowers and vegetables.


We are setting you a challenge to see how much YOU can reduce your carbon footprint.

"Pupils thrive because the school’s values are exemplified by the staff and governors."

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