Gifted and Talented Pupils

At Scampton Primary School we believe that we should support all pupils to reach their full
potential and that it is crucial that we carefully consider how to engage, challenge and
provide additional provisions for all children, including those who may be considered gifted
and talented.

We may not see many of your childs abilities in school and they may include participation
and successes in sports clubs, arts, or quite simply a hobby. At Scampton Primary School
we try to focus on sporting abilities, academic abilities, abilities within the arts and those
who have natural leadership capabilities. We aim to update our information each year
regarding children’s successes and passions.

Information is used to update and increase our support and provide suitable information
and opportunities for children. The information will also be followed up at staff meetings
and in plans for enrichment days and school trips.

The school policy is intended to support the following aims:
• the raising of aspiration for all pupils;
• high expectations of achievement for all pupils;
• greater enterprise, self-reliance and independence for all pupils.

In order to achieve these aims, we will ensure that all pupils have opportunities to develop
specific skills or talents.

As part of the Gifted and Talented policy, when we identify pupils who are gifted we focus
specifically on sporting abilities (gymnastics, football, running etc), abilities within the art
(drama, art, music, singing) and those who have natural leadership capabilities. We will
also provide up to date information on external help, organisations, masterclasses and
information should you wish to pursue your childs capabilities in more depth.
The Gifted & Talented pupil’s class teacher integrates opportunities for each child to
deepen and enrich their skills and knowledge through planning and regular evaluation.
The G&T programme allows the children to utilise their unique skills and talents through
project work.

Examples of additional support/ opportunities for pupils who have specific sporting skills have in the past included:

Cross Country Team- including participation in school partnership events
Football team- including participating in school partnership tournaments
Gymnasts went to see Beth Twedle with Ingham Primary School

Examples of additional support/ opportunities for pupils who have specific literacy, numeracy andartistic abilities have in the past included:

In school Drama opportunities – Sausage and Song production, Nativity
Choir – performing in Sheffield at the National Young Voices Event
Visits from local Artists and willow weaving classes
Master class lessons
Maths challenge day at William Farr School
Maths competition with partnership schools
Coding and Gaming Club- including a national Chess Tournament
Blog- recording childrens achievements, invitation to children to contribute
work to be published

Examples of additional support/ opportunities for pupils who have specific specific leadership abilities have in the past included:

School Council
House captains
Peer mediators
Early Years Prefects

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