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Scampton Church of England Primary School is a small traditional village primary school set in delightful surroundings that provides an excellent environment for learning where standards are high for both achievement and behaviour. Above all it is a special place full of joy, fairness and a shared desire for everyone to achieve their full potential.

Because we are a small school, there is a family atmosphere, a sense of community not only amongst the children but shared between everyone with an interest in the school; parents, staff, the Church and our neighbourhood which includes the nearby RAF Scampton airbase.

Our aims and values are underpinned by Christian belief and practice. During their time at our school, pupils thrive amongst an ethos of excellence, enjoyment and citizenship. Every child here is special and is treated as an individual.

I consider it a real privilege to be a member of this school family and be part of the amazing impact that it has on the lives of each child. If you would like to know more, or would like to visit us, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Charlie Hebborn BEd (Hons) NPQH



Our values are what inspire the aims of the school. Living and working with the following values will help us to achieve our aims.


We value loving relationships based on the example of Jesus.


We value being part of a community; togetherness, equality and inclusiveness and collaboration.


Here, everyone matters. We value independence, the spirit to face challenges and the confidence to stand up for what is right.


We value enthusiasm, aspiration, curiosity, motivation, inspiration and ambition for all  that leads to a love of learning that will last a lifetime.



We aim to build loving relationships that will set the pattern for the whole of our lives by being part of a loving school family.


We aim to make a positive contribution to the community however far it extends. We will provide a welcoming, secure, healthy and productive environment where everyone can feel safe and flourish.


We aim to develop confident, ambitious, fulfilled and healthy people with high self-esteem. We aim to inspire and support, putting others before ourselves.


We aim for excellence by making best use of everyone’s strengths using challenge, encouragement and aspiration so that everyone achieves their full potential.

The above aims and values are translated through policy into practice.

Policy Statements are available on request.



Scampton Church of England Primary School is a small school of about 80 pupils situated in the attractive rural village of Scampton, six miles north of Lincoln. The original building dates from the 1870s but it has been enlarged and added to in recent years. The School has three large main classrooms together with other teaching areas that enable mixed age, mixed ability classes to be taught in small groups each day.

The grounds consist of ample hard surface, sports field, including climbing equipment and a running track and a school garden. We also have our very own nature reserve with pond and woodland areas.



As a Church of England controlled school we have strong links with the Parish Church in Scampton; our end of term Services are held in the Church. The older children take part in an annual project based in the local community. We have developed links with other schools, sharing resources and playing in sporting tournaments.

We are also part of a Collaborative Partnership with five other local schools. This enables each school to benefit from shared staff expertise, opportunities for children to learn together and share resources. In short, the partnership provides ‘Small School Strengths with Big School Benefits’.



Small schools have a number of advantages over larger primary schools, for example, the chance to structure the school to give the best teacher pupil ratio, a flexible mixture of teaching styles, excellent relationships between staff, parents and children, teachers who really know the children in their class and a caring family atmosphere that provides support and encourages respect and Parents are invited to visit the school during working hours. Please telephone to make an appointment.


The Archbishop of Canterbury (March 2006) said:

Church schools are as concerned as any other school to equip pupils for lives marked by rapid change, global competition and insecurity. Church schools however know in their viscera that this is not just about acquiring skills and good examination results. It is about forming people who have the moral strength and spiritual depth to hold to a course and weather ups and downs. It is about forming people who know that economic competition is not more important than family life and love of neighbour and that technical innovation is not more important thanreverence for the beauty of creation. It is about forming people who, however academically and technically skilful, are not reduced to inarticulate embarrassment by the great questions of life and death, meaning and truth. Church schools themselves embody the truth that a context of firm principles suffused by faith and love is the best and right basis for learning and growing.


We admit children to school in the September of the year that they are five years old. For the first few weeks this is on a part time basis, beginning with mornings only, followed by a few weeks of mornings plus lunchtime, then moving to full time. This ensures a smooth start to school life at a time when children are prone to tiredness.

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Charlie Hebborn BEd(Hons)NPQH

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