Sport Premium

Sport Premium Statement for 2017/2018

Our school will receive £16,280 Sports Premium Funding for the academic year 2017/18.

The purpose of the funding is improve provision for, engagement and participation in sporting activity for pupils in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The school has allocated the funding this year in the following ways:-

Provision and staff training:

To engage services of MSP Sports for:

            Weekly delivery of high quality sports lessons to all pupils.

Delivery of a lunchtime club each week throughout the year.

Fencing, Archery and Balance Bike lessons.

Supply cover to enable monitoring of PE lessons and activate sessions.

Improved outdoor play equipment for pupils.

Audit and purchase equipment and awards necessary for improved sports delivery.

Engagement and participation

Support Legacy Challenge encouraging children to participate in volunteering, out of school sport, leading activity.

Enrolment participation and transport in the following inter and intra school events:


School Sports Day

Partnership Sports Event

Partnership Football Events

Inter-school Kwik Cricket Tournaments

Y3 – Y6 Yarborough Athletic Events

Y3 – Y6 Cross country events.

Organise and transport all pupils to Partnership Sports Event

Participation in Gifted and Talented Academy at University of Lincoln




Key financial information:


Balance b/f   3,028
April to August   3,392
September to March   9,860
Total Budget   16,280
MSP Coaches (Fri)   3,510
MSP Coaches (Weds)   2,340
Teacher supply cover   500
Sports Festival   792
Resources   1,000
Outdoor Play equipment   4,294
Fencing Coaching    550
Archery Coaching   550
Balance Bike Coaching   550
Total Expenditure   14,086
Balance c/f   2,194


Impact of Sports Premium September 2016 –  July 2017

All pupils have received outstanding PE and Sports teaching from qualified sports coaches throughout the year.


All pupils have been involved in an inter-school Sports Celebration Event.


58% of pupils have attended a lunchtime school sports club since September 2016 (up 9% on last year)


37% of pupils have represented the school in at least one inter school sport event, since Easter 2016 (down 5% on last year)


52% of pupils have attended the School’s Saturday morning football club. (up 7% on last year)


85% of pupils attend a sports club outside of the school setting (School signpost) (down 4% on last year)

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