School History

Opened in 1876, Scampton Church of England Primary School was a gift to the community by the Church of England to serve the children of the local area whatever their background and needs. This remains the case today – Church Schools are for everyone, from every faith, culture and social demographic and should rightly reflect this. We are controlled by Lincolnshire County Council like many other schools so places at this school are FREE. In short, everyone is welcome and valued here.

The school has a wonderful history that has been documented in the school log books that are still retained by the school. Entries in the log books detail harvest times when children did not come to school due to working in the fields, wartime entries when children had to shelter under the staircase in the school house following an explosion at the RAF base which shattered windows in the school and the many plays, sports days and musical events that still happen today.

The family atmosphere we have at Scampton goes back a long way. Many of the current pupils at the school have parents who attended the school who are still a big part of the life of the school supporting school groups and events. Most children who currently attend the school do not live in the village. Their parents choose to make the journey to attend here – we think it’s worth it, so do they.

Throughout the school there are many old pictures and artefacts from the school’s history. Former pupils often visit an enjoy seeing pictures of themselves and their classmates or names from the past engraved on trophies. Some past pupils have even come back to work here.

The pictures below were recently donated having been found in someone’s house. Children used our log books and other documents to find out that the pictures show the headteacher from 1948 – 1958 (Mrs Hennesey) and her pupils. What we really like is that her dog features in many of the pictures. Sadly we couldn’t find the name of the dog!

History is always being made at Scampton School. This is now documented in the school blogs all of which can be accessed through this website (click on the menu bar).