What the children say

We asked children at school to write a comment about the school. This is what they had to say:

Scampton School is special because the teachers are good at teaching and they make you work hard." (Charlie)
I have been in this school all my life and I have made loads of friends here and I like playing and some with my friends at playtime. Some of my friends at this school used to go to my nursery."   (Thomas)
Everybody will be included with 76 people. We have a lovely school because it’s perfect." (Noah)
I like meeting all the new people who join the school because I make new friends."   (Max)
I am lucky to be at Scampton School with all my friends and a lot of very nice teachers. I love it at Scampton School." (Hannah)
I like family camping because it’s really really fun and you get to stay up really really late and toast marshmallows with your friends. I love Scampton."   (Reuben)
I like Sports Day because all the children compete… for FUN!" (James)
Everybody is welcome to come to Scampton School because it’s the best school that has ever existed. The teachers are the nicest teachers I ever met."   (Alex)
The School is special because we have lovely toys and lovely friends that we can help each other on the bars for example gymnastic flips."   (Daisy)
I think Scampton School is the best school ever because all of the teachers are really nice and every lesson is always fun and the toys are really fun to play with and I love playing with the chin up bars." (Ruby)
Scampton School is special because no one is left out of anything. We are the best of friends here and also we like to play with the receptions."   (Mathew)
I like this school because I feel safe, happy and comfortable." (Ollie)
All the things at Scampton are wonderful. It’s such a fun and educational place. Every single person is never left out."   (Issac)
I like this school because wherever I go I feel welcomed and everybody is kind. If I was a teacher I would praise everybody." (Lucy)
I love this school because no one misses out on anything."   (Riley)
Everyone has a friend at Scampton School so you don’t feel like you are left out." (George)
I like Scampton School because I like reading books that are by David Walliams."   (Jack)
I like this school because of all the sport and games we do especially gymnastics and running." (Lily)
I like playing with my friends on the Monkey Bars."   (Noah)
I like learning about the world."   (Eliza)
I like reading books about jungles and animals." (Daisy)
I like working on puzzles of the world."   (Callum)
I like this school because everybody helps everybody."   (Robert)
I love playing with the Receptions" (Harrison - Year 6)
I like all the friendship that everyone has in this school."   (Luke)
No one has no friends and no one is lonely."   (Conrad)
The school is good because you get to meet new people like new Receptions."  
I’ve been here since Reception and through the years I’ve been on trips such as Leicester Space Centre, London on a residential in Year 5 and PGL in Year 6 and lots more" (Thomas)
I think this school is good no matter what lesson it is we always end up having fun."   (Joe DF)
What I love about this school is every single one of us takes care of all our toys and one another."   (Olivia)
This school gives you a really good chance to do the things you couldn’t do in other countries or schools."   (Eva)
There is always someone to play with and you never get left out."  (Hattie)
I like this school because it has given me a good education and I’ve made so many friends here." (Tia)
Teachers are always there to help."   (Louis)
Everyone has a chance to have a job in this primary school. I am lucky.   (Madeline)
I enjoy my time at Scampton School because it’s small so you can fit in so quickly."  (Faye)
The teachers always make lessons fun no matter what." (Benjamin)
Everyone looks after everyone."   (Cameron)