Eco Warriors

Our Eco Warriors are responsible for caring for our school environment. This includes looking after our two chickens, Cinders and Tilly.


We are reducing our carbon foot print.  Help us by reducing yours!

Turn the heating off when you’re not at home. Consume less, and re-use old products.
Fit energy saving light bulbs. Choose food produce close to your home.
Install insulation in your roof. Don’t leave your TV on standby.
Take a holiday closer to home. Turn off all lights when not needed.
Walk or take public transport to local places. Do your weekly shopping in one trip
A hybrid or other fuel-efficient emits less carbon dioxide Fill your kettle with only as much water as you need.
Turn down your central heating by 1 or 2degrees (reducing your heating bill by 8%). Recycle your grey water by using it to water your flowers and vegetables.


We are setting you a challenge to see how much YOU can reduce your carbon footprint.

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