Care Guidance & Support 

Equal Opportunities

Scampton Church of England Primary School is an inclusive school and we respect the identities of all our pupils. Scampton is committed to equality of opportunity and opposed to all forms of discrimination. We strive to ensure fairness, equal access to education and give additional support to individuals and groups with additional needs. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination on the grounds of disability, ability, ethnicity, gender, language, religion, age or Special Needs.

Scampton is committed to meeting the needs of individual learners and recognises the need for focused intervention strategies to ensure that all children fulfil their potential through effective teaching and learning.

Special Educational Needs

We provide a carefully planned and differentiated curriculum, and adapt our teaching styles to our range of learners.

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify children who need extra help at an early stage in their school life with us and use a wide range of strategies to support those who may need a ‘boost.’ Difficulties are often relatively minor and can be overcome in time, with additional support. If the class teacher and/or parent has continuing concerns about a child’s progress the School will begin a more formal monitoring process, which may require the involvement of other professionals such as the Educational Psychologist or Speech and Language Therapist. Provision is planned and implemented according to need and reviewed termly with parents and the child, where appropriate.

Throughout the process we aim to work in partnership with parents/carers and recognise the importance of their contributions to the identification and assessment of special needs.

For further details please speak to the Class teacher

Highy Able, Gifted and Talented

The staff recognise that for highly able, gifted and talented pupils to be challenged and attain high standards in all aspects of their development they need to be carefully identified, especially when considering underachievement, maturity and learning ‘spurts’, and their particular needs responded to.

Partnership working with parents is vital when supporting very able children, and information related to achievements in out of school activities is an important part of the identification process.

Like all children, the higher able, gifted and talented need to be regarded and treated as individuals and will vary in personality, interests and outlook.

The majority of support for higher able children will take place within the classroom context and is therefore the class teacher’s responsibility. The Headteacher supports the work of the teacher in devising appropriate curriculum materials and further support may be obtained from the Local Authority or external agencies. Cross phase links may also be investigated.

Pastoral, Social and Emotional Support

Scampton School prides itself in providing excellent care, guidance and support for its pupils. We have appointed a Learning Mentor who is available to support the emotional needs of young learners.

We have arrangements in place to support Service Families especially during times of deployment.

One to one or small group sessions may work on issues such as low self esteem, anger management, assertiveness training or friendship skills. In some cases more specialised support may be required, for example a child may benefit from counselling, which the school is also able to arrange, in conjunction with parents. The children take part in: weekly Personal, Social, Health and Emotional lessons on a whole school theme as well as regular ‘circle times’.


Every child at Scampton needs to feel that they are important and well thought of by the people around them. We aim to create an environment in which our children can feel emotionally stable and can develop a sense of security, self-respect and self worth and at the same time be thoughtful of others. Positive behaviour is modelled and praised and inappropriate behaviour is dealt with promptly and firmly by staff.

If the inappropriate behaviour is serious or persistent parents are informed so that they can work in partnership with staff to bring about change. Similarly should a child’s behaviour at home be challenging we encourage parents to inform the school so that we can support the family, where appropriate. We expect staff and parents/carers to provide positive role models for the children so that our school community is one that values and respects others.

Transfer to Secondary School

Children from Scampton have gone on to attend a variety of secondary schools in the area. Which school children move on to is dependent upon parental choice and factors such as siblings already attending the secondary school and the distance from your home.

We work closely with secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition from Y6 to Y7.

Children who wish to attend a Grammar School, such as  Queen Elizabeth High School, will need to take the 11 + exam. This is taken at Queen Elizabeth High School during the Autumn Term of their final year. Details will be provided to parents during Year 5.