Pupil Premium 

Pupil Premium Statement – 2018/2019

The school has received £11,120 Pupil Premium Funding for the year 2018/19. In the previous year £17,360 was received.

This funding is calculated according to the number of children on roll at the school who are Looked After, have been adopted from care, are eligible for Free School Meals or who have a parent in the Armed Forces. The purpose of the funding is to ensure these groups of children are supported to achieve their full potential and receive support for their emotional wellbeing.

The school has allocated the funding this year in the following ways:-

Switch on Literacy Intervention – We have trained two teaching assistants to deliver this intensive ten week daily one to one programme for pupils who will benefit from this catch up strategy for reading and writing.

Access Fund – The School has set up an access fund of £500 for parents to apply for help with the cost of enrichment activities or for places at the school’s after school club which provides positive play experiences. This is particularly important for service families during a time of deployment.

Pupil Support – A teaching assistant is funded to monitor and support as required pupils who are disadvantaged or requiring additional welfare support during times of deployment etc.

Impact of the Pupil Premium (for 2017/2018)

During the school year 2017/2018, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Nine pupils benefited from the ‘Switch on’ programme. All made measured, accelerated progress in reading and writing.
  • All pupils for whom the school receives Pupil Premium Funding received financial support through the Access Fund for school trips such as the Pantomime Visit and the School’s Residential Visit.
  • The Access Fund provided funded places at the school’s before and after school club to ensure social opportunities at times of parent deployment and where social integration support has been required.
  • Where pupils have attainment gaps in their attainment, they have received additional support through monitored support plans.